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Adventures – Netcourse


100% net adventure trail

Ideal for children’s indoor playgrounds or other indoor leisure complexes; the Netcourse or CPE (collective protection equipment) do not need any harnesses or carabiners. The­ safety nets ensure complete safety while reducing the need for supervisory staff.

Adventurers from the age of 4 years old can freely access this structure and independently progress without any equipment between platforms reaching a height of 7 metres.
The Netcourse is made of fixed or self-stabilised structures in wood or steel and blends seamlessly into its environment, whether inside or outside.

Technical characteristics

Safety & operational ease

  • Self-stabilised or fastened to the ground, starting at 5 metres high, available from 6 workshops
  • Painted steel or autoclave treated wooden structure (pine), designed and validated by our design office (design calculation notes). Certified by an authorised independent regulatory body.
  • Protective nets under and around the structure
  • Assembly time: 3 days for a 5m-high trail with 6 posts
  • Visitor capacity: 19 people at once (for a 7 workshops version)
  • Hourly capacity: 95 people


Customization & optimization

  • Themes We can customize the structure by using your colours/your graphic identity or a specific theme (jungle, pirates, castle etc.). We also provide decoration that will better integrate the structure within your park or complex (characters, veils, covers etc.).
  • Operation accessories Accountancy system, time management, welcome desk, shoe lockers, barriers etc. A wide range of development accessories are provided on option to help simplify and optimize your operation.

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